Turkey Hunting

Offering in 2019

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Have you always wanted to try your hand at turkey hunting but weren't quite sure how to make it happen? Well wait no more as our 1st annual ladies turkey hunt will be taking a total of five ladies to a private ranch in Mancos, Colorado! We'll gather on Thursday early afternoon, May 10th, to work with gals handling our Mossberg shotguns (using Primos Turkey targets to make sure the gals know right where their shotgun loads should be hitting!) If you prefer to bring your own shotgun just let us know what type/model and be sure to have a turkey choke in it as well. 

Mentors for this trip will be Lanny Barnes, Mia Anstine, Tracy Barnes and Deb Ferns. Food and lodging is provided at the same Mancos location (address provided to our hunters before the event.) While we cannot provide specialty meals there will be plenty of eggs, greens, wild game and coffee/tea to go around!  

Besides the shotguns we'll also provide the ammo, along with the Primos turkey blinds and Primos shooting sticks plus decoys. We'll provide links to additional gear and clothing needed for the campers at least 30 days before the hunt.  

FYI - the closest airport will be Durango and while we don't provide a shuttle out to the ranch there is a good chance campers can "ride share". The cost of the hunt for 3 days of food, lodging, hunting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning is $850. Cost does NOT include the Colorado over the counter turkey license which is available at this link http://cpw.state.co.us/thingstodo/Pages/TurkeyDatesFees.aspx

For the state of Colorado and MANY other states a hunter education course is required. Hope you can join us for our first annual LACE turkey hunt!